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Give your kitchen the finishing touch it needs with an Ionizer Faucet. Select from various styles and finishes that offer the ability to place your Ionizer machine above or below your sink.

Concerned about harmful contaminants in your water source? With our customizable pre-filter systems, tailored specifically for your area will help remove harmful contaminants.

Choose from a wide variety of efficient filter cartridges, which will remove many contaminants from your water. Get clean, great tasting water by reducing the contaminants in your water.

Experience professional cleaning results with an Ion Clean Machine! With an Ion Clean machine it will give users the ability to clean an ionizer machine in their own home.

Expand the knowledge of Kangen Water! Select from several DVDs, magazines, and brochures to help new prospects understand the many benefits of Kangen Water.

For when you need to add a little more to your presentation, we offer the tools of the trade. From demo stands and testing meters to power point slides and pH drops. We have what you need!

Chlorine and other contaminants found in ordinary tap water are systematically removed with our hand held and shower head filters. Enjoy a refreshing and chlorine free shower today!

Having trouble connecting your ionizer? If installing an ionizer faucet is not a option, resolve those problem installations with these long lasting metal diverters and adapters.

Stay hydrated with handy water bottles filled with your favorite Kangen Water ™ or fill spray bottles with beauty water. Most bottles are made using BPA free materials.

Needing specialty fittings for a installation or are you looking for a replacement part? With our large assortment of fittings and quick connects we will have what you need to get the job done.