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Here at Ionfaucet we offer professional in home and in store services for all your ionizer machine needs.

Professional Machine cleaning

Have you owned your ionizing machine long? When was the last time you had it cleaned? Over time most machines build up calcium deposits on the electrolysis plates, which will reduce the effectiveness and taste of the water. Maintain the performance of your machine by having a professional cleaning today and protect your investment. The cleaning is done by using our proprietary device which circulates the cleaning solution through the machine and over the electrolysis plates. This deep cleaning process effectivly breaks down the calcium deposits from the plates and then flushes all debris from the system. This ensures peak performance and great tasting water from your ionizer machine. Can be performed in home or dropped off in store.

In Home Installation & Services

We provide professional custom installations and services, with customer satisfaction as our top priority.

The following services are available:
  • Ionizer Faucet System Installation
  • OEM Enagic Diverter Systems Installation
  • SD501-U Installation
  • Water Filtration Systems Installation
  • Counter-top Core Drilling
  • Osmosis System Removal
  • Filter Cartridge Replacement
  • Professional Machine Cleaning

Call today to schedule an appointment for cleaning or installation today!

Currently doing in home services in the Los Angeles and Orange County regions.