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Ride The Wave - Fifth Edition Kangen Water Study A Global Vision Training Booklet
Ride The Wave - Fifth Edition
Price: $15.00
Sale Price: $10.00

Kangen Water Study
Price: $10.00

Ride The Wave was one of the first books written to help distributors be successful in the Enagic business. Now, in its 5th Edition, it has been updated to include the LATEST information and BEST advice for success in this project. Recommended by TOP Distributors, this is a MUST HAVE for any new distributor!
Scientific Study Results on the Benefits of Kangen Water in the Human Tissue Culture and Living Human Volunteers.

By: H.S. Filtzer, MD FACS
Medical Advisor, Enagic USA
Training your team and promoting your business just got easier with our 18 page full colored booklet!

In this booklet you will be introduced to the history of Enagic, scientific studies, Ionizer machine breakdowns, and more!

These booklets are perfect for anyone on your team no matter what level they are! Give them to new distributors for guidance and reference or individuals looking to start their business!

A Global Vision is a must have for any growing team!