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Consumer Guide Magazine
Price: $6.00


The Consumer Guide magazine is the BEST printed materials for dealing with the competition. This 24 page magazine was designed to address the most common objections and answer the most asked questions, like power supply, price, other ionizers and ionizer features. Now with an EXPANDED 2-page spread featuring even more celebrities that are drinking our water!
Eco Living Magazine
Price: $5.00


Contrary to what you might think, this magazine is NOT just for your favorite tree hugging hippie! Our newest magazine is for anyone that cares about their health, their finances and the environment! With compelling articles about the bottled water industry, eco-friendly non-toxic cleaning and sterilizing, cost comparisons, a special report from the HGTV show The Property Brothers, an article about ISO 14001 Certification and much more, this magazine will be a big hit with anyone! Get your copies and find out how Purple is the New Green!
Hardcore Health Magazine
Price: $5.00


This should appeal to just about EVERY sports fan out there. The magazine includes over 20 articles featuring fitness pros, gym owners, pro athletes and even a two page interview with our impressive cover man, pro bodybuilder Toney "X-Man" Freeman. These are real Kangen Water drinkers and Enagic ionizer owners and they are the REAL DEAL This magazine will catapult the credibility of the Enagic machines into the stratosphere! Professional athletes have the resources to check things out and they demand the BEST...which is why so many have selected an Enagic water ionizer. This is a game changer!
Restaurateur Magazine
Price: $6.00


This is the newest release and the most powerful! This magazine can be used to approach a restaurant owner or a stay-at-home
mom or dad that loves to cook or anyone in between. With great information the pertains to both commercial and consumer
kitchens, this is the perfect magazine to spark the interest of anyone who likes good, healthy food.