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Water Softening Cartridge
Water Softening Cartridge

Price: $20.95

Availability: Allow 2 business days for processing
Model #: 830


Our Water Softener Filter utilizes premium ion-exchange resins to remove scale-forming calcium and other minerals (ex. magnesium, manganese, iron) from hard water by replacing them with sodium ions.


Width: 3"
Height: 9.75"
Weight: 1.15 lbs

Nominal µm Rating: 25
Flow Rate gpm: Operation 0.05 Maximum 0.27

Grains (CaCO3): 1,113
Average life span: < 6 Months

Ion-Exchange process:


For ionizer machine owners, make sure you deep-clean your machine prior to installing this filter as it will NOT remove any pre-existing calcium built up from previous usage.

Did you know?

Soft water is not salt water; it only contains a small amount of sodium due to the ion-exchange process. Typically about the size of a pair of dice!

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